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Letter from Our President

Dear OMF Members,

I once again have the honor and privilege of serving as President of OMF. I would like to thank our OMF Board and our Membership for their continued interest and support as well as our extended vendor family for their continued support.

Much of the focus of the spring conference was surrounding the CMS Proposed Mandatory Demonstration Project focused on ASP drug reimbursement for all drugs administered “incident to” Physician services across all specialties nationwide and its effect on patient’s access to care. It will be based in 7,048 Primary Care Service Areas zip code around the country. The project will have two phases. Phase I would begin on or after August 1, 2016 and phase II would begin on or after January 1, 2017. The CMS open comment period ends May 9, 2016.

Phase I begins the assessment of a new payment model for drugs covered under Medicare Part B. One control group would be paid ASP plus 6 percent and the other group would be paid at ASP plus 2.5 percent plus an additional $16.80 per drug per day. Phase II would add value-based purchasing and least costly alternative.

Together we have battled many issues over the years, our focus firmly on our patients having access to care and access to the appropriate medications that will treat their disease. Controlling costs is important to all of us, patients, clinicians and payer programs alike. However, policies that restrict the physician’s medical decision-making to what is the least costly, rather than what is required for the diagnosis, is a gamble we cannot afford to take!

We have an opportunity to express our concerns for our patients continued access to care and the survival of community based practices across the country. Let your voice be heard NOW!

Michelle Smith Flowers
Oncology Managers of Florida President